Fat Burners

Fat burners

Whether for strength athletes, professionals, hobby athletes or sports grouches: FAT BURNERS are among the most popular supplements when it comes to losing weight and reducing body fat. But most fatburners not only boost fat burning, they also give you more energy, stimulate the entire metabolism and blood circulation, inhibit the appetite and provide more focus and concentration. Thus many fat burners can also be used as Pre-Workout Booster or training booster.


Benefits of Fat Burners

Most Fat Burners contain ingredients such as caffeine, ephedra extract or other active substances that, thanks to thermogenesis, really get the metabolism going and thus promote the burning of body fat. For caffeine, the thermogenic effect has already been scientifically proven. That is why you will find this active ingredient in almost all fat burners.

Fatburners containing caffeine give you more focus, power, drive and pump. You feel more awake, can train or work longer and more focused. Therefore fat burners like ECA Stacks are also ideal as training boosters. Thanks to the increased blood circulation you have more pump in your training, your power is increased and you can do more units in a row. In addition, the calorie burning is increased.

So, fatburners boost your metabolism and the body's own fat burning. Unwanted and even stubborn fat pads in problem areas such as the stomach, hips, legs or bottom simply melt away. In addition, many fat burners stimulate digestion and suppress feelings of hunger so that you automatically eat less.


Fatburner advantages at a glance:

  • stimulated fat burning - maximum loss of body fat
  • reduced feeling of hunger (appetite suppressant)
  • more energy, pump and strength in everyday life and training (pre-workout booster)
  • improved concentration (focus)
  • enormous step-up in performance
  • positive mood
  • weniger Müdigkeit beim Abnehmen
  • easy intake and dosage
  • quick and easy removal

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