Pre-Workout Booster

If you want to take your training to a new level, you will sooner or later come across Pre-Workout Boosters. Even those who are currently at a training low can effectively help them to overcome this and to achieve their best performance again. Pre-Workout Boosters are taken before the training session to increase performance and give you more drive. They contain stimulating substances such as caffeine, yohimbine HCL or ephedra extract for example, as well as amino acids, creatine and / or DMAA or DMHA. In our Supplement-Onlineshop we offer you highly effective Premium Pre-Workout Boosters from Swiss Pharmaceuticals at first-class prices. Pre-Workout Booster

Effect of pre-workout boosters

Pre-Workout Booster provide extra intensive training units with more pump, power, focus and endurance. This gives you the maximum increase in performance and you can take your training to a whole new level. They provide an enormous ability to concentrate and you can easily master more repetitions and/or heavier weights. So you can quickly build muscle mass, lose fat at the same time and enjoy the intensity of your workouts to the full. Thanks to the clear focus, additional motivation and better endurance, many users report that they clearly prefer to train longer and harder.


Therefore they can accelerate their muscle build-up rapidly and gain enormous strength and mass. At Swiss Pharmaceuticals we place the highest priority on the quality and effectiveness of the ingredients and have our training boosters tested regularly. This way we can offer you effective pre-workout boosters: for more pump, for more focus, for more power.

In our online shop for hardcore supplements you can now order effective pre-workout boosters from Swiss Pharmaceuticals simply online! Our training boosters are of best quality and bring the maximum effect.

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