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Almost everybody knows it: There is more in us than we can show! Something "more" would work, but we simply do not know how to get it out of ourselves and our bodies. Supplements can help you get the most out of yourself!

No matter if muscle building, diet, mass or definition phase: With our wide range of products from the hardcore supplements section we offer all bodybuilders, strength athletes, fitness fans, competitive athletes, newcomers, hobby athletes and experienced athletes exactly the right thing! Supplements are not intended to replace hard, regular training and a balanced diet, but - as the name suggests - to supplement it. Only with a healthy lifestyle can the preparations reach their - and therefore your - full potential. Especially hardcore supplements are very popular among bodybuilders and strength athletes, because they massively stimulate muscle growth, boost fat burning, boost the metabolism or provide the extra pump, focus, endurance, motivation and strength. This allows athletes to take their training and performance to a whole new level. Many are amazed at what they are capable of.

As an innovative company, we, Swiss Pharmaceuticals Ltd., develop and produce nutritional supplements for athletes and above all special products in the hardcore supplements sector and market them worldwide. At Swiss Pharmaceuticals we all attach great importance to the quality and effectiveness of the ingredients and have our supplements tested regularly.

We offer high quality sports supplements and hardcore supplements from the categories SARMs, Prohormones, Fat Burner, Cycle Support and Pre-Workout Booster in best quality.


Supplements for less bodyfat: Fatburner

Even the best supplements cannot replace intensive training and a balanced diet. However, our supplements help athletes around the world get the best out of themselves, their workout and their bodies. Especially during a diet, our Fat Burners can help you get your metabolism going. You can finally get rid of annoying fat pads and burn a maximum of body fat. Almost all fatkillers contain active ingredients such as caffeine, ephedra / ephedrine or other ingredients that, via thermogenesis, really get the metabolism going and thus promote the burning of body fat. The thermogenic effect has already been scientifically proven for caffeine, which is why you can find this active ingredient in almost all fat burners.


Supplements for training: Pre-workout Booster

Anyone who wants to take their training to the next level, or who is at a low point in their training, Pre-Workout Booster can effectively help them to achieve their best performance again. That's why we offer you Premium Pre-Workout Booster at first-class prices in our Supplement-Onlineshop. The training boosters provide for extremely intensive workouts full of focus, pump, power and endurance. They contain stimulating substances such as caffeine, yohimbine HCL or ephedra extract or ephedrine as well as amino acids, creatine and / or DMAA or DMHA. So you can quickly build up muscles, lose fat at the same time and feel and enjoy the intensity of your training sessions in your own body. You can benefit from a razor-sharp focus, additional motivation and better endurance. You will accelerate your muscle build-up and gain enormous strength and mass.

In our webshop we offer you high-quality supplements from Swiss Pharmaceuticals. Our company only uses ingredients of top quality and first-class effectiveness. Therefore we equip every product with a verification code. Do you have any questions about our company or our products? Then get in touch with us!