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With the help of this prohormone you will quickly see results: a blatant muscle pump, enormous muscle growth and increased fat burning.

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The chemical name of the prohormone Halodrol is 4-chloro-17amethyl-androst-1,4-dien-3b, 17b-diol. Swiss Pharmaceuticals HALODROL works by entering the bloodstream and adhering to the walls of the muscle cells. This causes a reaction with the cell nucleus, which boosts protein synthesis and at the same time leads to an increase in total protein production. The prohormone thus leads to changes in the body, which are particularly beneficial for bodybuilders and strength athletes.

Halodrol supports the growth of muscle tissue, thus hard, fat-free muscles can be built up faster and training successes become visible in a short time - even on the abdominal muscles! By taking this prohormone, you can significantly improve your vascularity and increase your muscle growth without unnecessary water retention.

The prohormone Halodrol has an impressive anabolic to androgenic ratio of 74:28, allowing you to experience a significant increase in hypertrophy and strength while keeping fat levels low. This impressive anabolic to androgenic ratio also means that Halodrol has very few estrogenic or suppressive side effects. It is so strongly geared towards anabolic purposes - hypertrophy and strength gains - that its adverse effects on male sexual characteristics are virtually non-existent.

The advantages of Swiss Pharmaceuticals HALODROL at a glance:

  • Hypertrophy: size and strength of the muscles are greatly increased
  • Great vascularity and enormous muscle pump
  • Increased testosterone levels
  • Promotes fat reduction and prevents catabolism at the same time
  • Shortens the regeneration time

Dosage / Recommended intake:

1 capsule daily with sufficient liquid. Higher dosage for advanced users should be discussed with a doctor or specialist.

Supplements are no substitute for a healthy diet. Consumption and use is at your own risk. Take this product only if you are healthy and over 18 years old. Consult a doctor before use and do not exceed the recommended daily intake. Please do not combine this product with alcohol, drugs or medicines. This product must not be allowed to get into the hands of children. Store in a cool and dry place after opening.

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serving size: 1 capsule, 30mg
servings: 80 servings
container: 80 capsules

HALODROL ingredients / nutritional information:

serving size: 1 capsule
servings: 80 servings
container: 80 capsules

*% RDA = percentage of recommended daily intake (based on a daily requirement of 2000 calories)

HALODROL (4-chloro-17a-methyl-androst-1,4-dien-3-17-Diol) 30 mg